The Hosts

Justin Bendell and Kurt Ellison met in Madison, WI back in 2002. They reunited in 2017 to start Point Blank. Point Blank has quickly established itself as one of the better known and respected crime fiction podcasts. Recently they were listed in the Top 10 Best Noir Podcasts by PlayerFM

Kurt Ellison Point Blank Podcast

Kurt Ellison


Kurt Ellison is a sailor, no really, he works on boats for a living.

He grew up on the shores of Northern Lake Michigan and currently lives in sight of Puget Sound.

When not on the water he likes being in the woods, playing RPGs, and listens to too many podcasts.

He loves the water. A lot.

Justin Bendell


Originally from the Midwest U.S., Justin lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is an English professor at The University of New Mexico – Valencia.

He co-founded & edits Manzano Mountain Review, records garage rock with fuguers cove, reads a shit ton, and makes noise with an assortment of musical side projects.

His stories, poems, & essays have appeared in Mystery Tribune, Flash Fiction Offensive, 3:AM Magazine, Thuglit, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and more. 

He loves the desert. A lot.