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E13: The Maltese Falcon (Pt 1) — 5 Round Burst — North & Central

Look at this dingus! It’s part 1 of our discussion of The Maltese Falcon, perhaps the most well known book in all of crime fiction.

In this episode we tease out a few of our initial thoughts on the book and suggest you give it a read before part 2. We discuss the lost Hammett tale “The Glass That Laughed.” A new segment where we do a featured review of the excellent book “North and Central” by Bob Hartley and of course 5 Round Burst.

Books featured in 5 Round Burst:

  • “Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel” by John Burdett
  • “A Negro and an Ofay” by Danny Gardner
  • “The Long-Legged Fly” by James Sallis
  • “Right As Rain: A Derek Strange Novel” by George Pelecanos
  • “Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger’s Life” by Sarah Kaminsky

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4 thoughts on “E13: The Maltese Falcon (Pt 1) — 5 Round Burst — North & Central”

  1. North and Central, holy hell what a great book! Might’ve never come upon it if not for this podcast. Thanks so much, can’t wait to read Hartley’s first novel.

    1. Glad you liked it. It’s one of the pleasures of doing this podcast. We find gems out there that we otherwise wouldn’t have known existed.

  2. Really enjoyed this episode. I’m teaching this book to my high school juniors this year. Any chance you want to make a video appearance and speak with them about the book? Thanks for considering!

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