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E13: The Maltese Falcon (Pt 1) — 5 Round Burst — North & Central

Look at this dingus! It’s part 1 of our discussion of The Maltese Falcon, perhaps the most well known book in all of crime fiction.

In this episode we tease out a few of our initial thoughts on the book and suggest you give it a read before part 2. We discuss the lost Hammett tale “The Glass That Laughed.” A new segment where we do a featured review of the excellent book “North and Central” by Bob Hartley and of course 5 Round Burst.

Books featured in 5 Round Burst:

  • “Bangkok 8: A Royal Thai Detective Novel” by John Burdett
  • “A Negro and an Ofay” by Danny Gardner
  • “The Long-Legged Fly” by James Sallis
  • “Right As Rain: A Derek Strange Novel” by George Pelecanos
  • “Adolfo Kaminsky: A Forger’s Life” by Sarah Kaminsky

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