riot in cell block 11

Bonus Episode — Quarantine Edition — Riot in Cell Block 11

Odds are you are under some type of stay at home order or doing some sort of social distancing. We’ve got you covered with a mini-episode. We both watched “Riot in Cell Block 11.” It’s a classic prison noir film that we both enjoyed. We talk about the film without any major spoilers, and it’s pretty easy to find online for free viewing. Enjoy!

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1 thought on “Bonus Episode — Quarantine Edition — Riot in Cell Block 11”

  1. Great film-noir! Excellent mini-podcast!

    Riot in Cell Block 11 (1954) – yes I agree, a film-noir with prisoners rights thrown in…excellent film-noir photography…Don Siegel is one of my fave Directors, he did Dirty Harry…Riot had a huge cast of character-actors…heavy Neville Brand as Dunn in his only starring role that I know of…Emile Meyer as the Warden, he was great in Shield For Murder (1954)…Alvy Moore was in the TV show Green Acres…William Schalert was in hundreds of films & TV shows like the Dad in Patty Duke…AND my fave chactor actor of all time, the Great Whit Bissell who played snarky guard Snader. Whit Bissell has also been in hundreds of films including Creature of the Black Lagoon, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, I Was A Teenage Frankenstein & on & on…-On a personal note…my first wife’s boy, my former step-son, we had a pretty good relationship…he’s now 42 and is in his 9th year of a 12 year sentence in the New York State private prison system…we’ve kept up a conversation via letter 5 years now, plus I send him $30 a month…he’s been going through hell! He’s says the prison system is broken and dangerous, so, nothing has changed since Riot…I haven’t heard from him since January and I’m a little concerned….anyways, I could go on but that’s the situation…-I’m way behind Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep up next!

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