E49 — Bluebird, Bluebird — Deep Dive — Cinema Spotlight — Five Round Burst

In Episode 49, we dive deep into Attica Locke’s contemporary soon-to-be classic Bluebird, Bluebird. Justin reviews the western noir film Blood on the Moon, and we go five rounds in Five Round Burst. We also cross promo for a crime podcast we think our fans might enjoy — Crime Is Up Podcast.

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2 thoughts on “E49 — Bluebird, Bluebird — Deep Dive — Cinema Spotlight — Five Round Burst”

  1. E49…excellent podcast and followup on Bluebird, Bluebird! Really liked the in-depth character(s) study and the relationships between those characters. And you guys did cover it…I picked up a lot more nuances about the novel….I gave Bluebird, Bluebird a 3.5 in my GoodReads Review…the book has stuck with me for over a month now…I’m gonna bump-up my score 4.0! Ba-da-Bing! -Blood on the Moon…..I watched it (again), really good noir-cowboy flick…yeah, the fight scene kicks butt…Mitchum, Bel Geddes…Robert Preston always gets soiled, Ha! -Santa Fe Noir and Murder on the Red River sound pretty good (as does Girl Gone Missing by Marcie Rendon)…Assumption sounds like a good maybe……-Oh yeah…the Crime is Up podcast…sorry, I gave it a go but ya can’t win ’em all…the crime-fiction play-acting in the first half of the podcast just was not for me….-Hey! Justin & Kurt! You’re about to hit 50 Episodes! Congratulations! You’ve done Great, Great work…it’s been fun following Point Blank…I got on board at E07 and reading your recommends if not excellent then (all) interesting…looking forward to your future episodes!…out…

    1. Thanks for the comment, Joe! We appreciate your thoughts as always. I’m glad that you are warming to Bluebird Bluebird. It’s not perfect, but there’s something about it that won’t let go. And thanks for the congrats–50 episode is a lot! We look forward to sharing Pop’n 1280 by Jim Thompson with you all soon.

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