E8: The Real Cool Killers — Chester Himes — 5 Round Burst

Welcome to the lost episode. Plagued by technical problems, we are happy to finally be able to bring you episode 6. “The Real Cool Killers” by Chester Himes.

Himes was a revolutionary writer and thinker in crime fiction and was an influential contributor to 20th Century African-American fiction.

His work deserves to be better known.

Books Reviewed for 5 Round Burst:

  • “The Moving Target” by Ross Macdonald
  • “Nobody Move” by Denis Johnson
  • “Cop Hater” by Ed McBain
  • “Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail! Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion” Edited by Gary Phillips
  • “How to Steal the Mona Lisa: and Six Other World-Famous Treasures” by Taylor Baymouth

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