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E9: Night Has A Thousand Eyes — Cornell Woolrich — Investigative Gaming — 5 Round Burst

Like the looming dread in a Cornell Woolrich novel we are back with another episode. Is Woolrich really the master of noir suspense that so many have claimed? We discuss this point while looking at the book Night Has A Thousand Eyes. Of course we also do some reviews and Kurt talks about investigative gaming.

Books Reviewed in 5 Round Burst:

  • “The Guards” by Ken Bruen
  • “The Bloody Black Flag” by Steve Goble
  • “Poisonville” by Massimo Carlotto & Marco Videtta
  • “Virgin Cay/A Night Out” by Basil Heatter
  • “The Crime Book” from DK Press

Biographies of Woolrich:

  1. “Cornell Woolrich: First You Dream, Then You Die” by Francis M. Nevins, Jr.
  2. “Blues of a Lifetime: The Autobiography of Cornell Woolrich” Edited by Mark T. Bassett

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